Regional Equity Atlas 2.0 Mapping Tool

The Regional Equity Atlas 2.0 online mapping tool enables users to create customized maps from a menu of more than 100 indicators. Users can:

Click here for more detailed information on the Regional Equity Atlas 2.0 mapping tool capabilities.
Click here for the Regional Equity Atlas 2.0 user guide and video tutorials.
  • Layer indicators to show relationships between different issues.
  • Create composite maps that combine the data from different indicators together.
  • Add reference layers such as streets, rivers, transit lines, and electoral boundaries.
  • Modify the color, opacity, and design of each indicator layer.
  • Aggregate data to neighborhoods, census tracts, cities, or counties.
  • Zoom in to see specific areas in more detail.
  • Locate and mark a specific address on the map.
  • View indicator data for each geographic area via hover-over pop-ups.
  • View and download the underlying data in spreadsheet format.
  • Generate charts and graphs.
  • Download maps as images.
  • View a gallery of pre-developed “scenario maps” that highlight key indicators and composites.