About CLF


The purpose of the Coalition for a Livable Future is to protect, restore, and maintain healthy, equitable, and sustainable communities, both human and natural, for the benefit of present and future residents of the greater metropolitan region.

Creating a Livable Future

The Coalition for a Livable Future is a diverse partnership of organizations supporting just and sustainable communities in the Portland-Vancouver region.  We were founded in 1994 by a group of civic and nonprofit leaders to encourage collaboration among organizations that had not traditionally worked together.
CLF uses research, policy analysis, and convening to catalyze action for equitable development, prosperous and livable communities, and a healthy environment.  By working together, CLF members have been able to provide integrated solutions for vibrant neighborhoods, housing affordability, transportation options, economic prosperity, healthy ecosystems, and accountable government.
Our signature project, the Regional Equity Atlas, uses maps to document disparities and promote greater equity. By illuminating the geography of opportunity, the Equity Atlas is a powerful tool to shape public policies, plans, community development projects, and investment decisions.  



Photo credit: Dreamstime