Other Equity Atlas Projects

Metro Atlanta Equity Atlas

The Metro Atlanta Equity Atlas (MAEA), created by the Partnership for Southern Equity, was designed to connect local stakeholders to timely and accurate data about the state of the region. Through nearly 200 maps depicting eight key areas of community well-being, the MAEA provides insights into patterns of access and opportunity in the region. Showing that where you live has consequences for where you end up in life, the MAEA provides local change-makers with the information they need to advocate for policies and planning to address disparities.

Denver Regional Equity Atlas

The Denver Regional Equity Atlas, which is the product of a partnership between Mile High Connects, Reconnecting America, and the Piton Foundation, is designed to help raise awareness about the benefits and opportunities of a robust public transportation network. The project emphasizes the need to ensure access to opportunity for everyone in the region, especially the most economically disadvantaged residents. An interactive online tool provides users with the ability to create maps of the region’s major transportation routes and destinations in relation to current and future transit networks, and to generate reports on demographic, economic, and other factors for the region and particular communities. 

Los Angeles Equity Atlas

The Los Angeles Equity Atlas, a project of Reconnecting America and the California Community Foundation, was developed to help inform the expansion of Los Angeles County’s regional transit system. The equity atlas overlays the transit network on different measures to help identify the key gaps and assets in individual communities, along corridors, and in station areas along frequent transit lines. The resulting maps illuminate geographic differences in performance towards achieving countywide equity goals related to transportation and land use investments.